Ten big things that are making the future

Here's yet another top ten list, my first one btw. The occasion is earth day so why not.

The big changes in the world in 2013 that will make the future:

1.Recession, 2. Nuclear threats, 3. Arab Spring, 4. Bailouts and austerity, 5.Pope Francy, 6.Weather extremes, global warming, 7.Cyber warfare and attempts to regulate internet, 8.legalization of marajuana and 9. homosexuality in many parts of the world, 10. The rise of China and India as superpowers.

That's the ten listed. Now the blog to explain the whole schbang.

First up comes money. Money runs all things.

Most western countries have federal debts close to 100% of GDP, which means almost all of their assets are put down as collateral for their loans from the likes of IMF and china. With global recession and low economic growth, this debt is coming close to breaking point, especially in the US, with France and the UK not far behind. The likes of the bailed out countries like Ireland are a show of how bad the bubble can burst. The dollar is another bubble that has to burst since the dollar is relying almost solely on confidence, since Germany and many other countries have emptied the gold from the US reserves. The obama debt ceiling, that US regulation can't cure, will bring the US economy and the world economy to an even worse scenario. Since the US is the world largest consumer marked by country rank, if the demand for goods drops with the US economy collapsing, then world production will drop. My point is made here. recession, bailouts and austerity are threatening the world economies.

Next point. Why does the US spend so much on military ($700 billion in 2012)? National security to put it simply, but doing so absolutely requires international deployments for international security. The US is a role "peacekeeping nation" that calls upon itself to defend democracy for the entire world, with the aid of its ally great britain. However, the US has chosen its countries carefully to get involved in. Iibya, Iraq, and any other oil rich country. The CIA in the 1950's aided the revolts of almost all the countries in the world where leaders were toppled over, and the CIA then pushed to get their favourite leader in control, in establishing the neo-imperialist US approach, in establishing democracy, strong influence and western alliances with these revolted countries, including Iran. The US is still playing a game of chess even today with dominating the world with its neo-imperialistic military influence. Those that resist, Cuba, North Korea or Iran or Venezuela say, have faced enormous threats from the US. To finish my point here, influence and power to gain access to resources like oil or minerals (as was the case in afghanistan), the US has to spend to gain.

The US is well known for bribing local populations into revolting in the arab spring countries recently, similar to what their cia did 60 years earlier. They have been arming the revolts if not officially then through third parties. When threatened, the US has shown aggression to whistleblowers Wikileaks, to using drones to spy on its own people, detain guatanemo prisoners indefinetely without charge, and break many other of its own amendments and articles of its constitution in order to defend itself. Enough of the US, there are other players in this game of chess. As much as the US and the UK are allies, and friendly with France and Germany, the other side of the table is with Russia, China and Iran, all tied in a defense pact and friendly with each other. This triad rejects capitalism and western influence.China is North Korea's ally too, adding to the mix. The US cannot rage war with the other team, since the US dept ceiling is financed by China, and China needs the US as a market. So the stalemate has almost arrived, revolving around the pawns that are the arab spring countries like syria.

I said first up comes money, and the whole article so far has been about money and power. As always, the planet earth and global warming takes the background stage and is almost forgotten about, until crap weather hits home, then for a week everyone knows and then forgets. The common misunderstanding is that the earth has natural cycles and this warming is natural. The thing is, we just got out of the ice age, we aren't due any global warming for ages yet. what is happening now is completely humanmade. Those third world countries like India are facing huge food shortages, while the north atlantic is seeing freak weather, australia is seeing massive fires and dust storms, the Sahara is spreading rapidly every day, the rainforests are being churned into cash-crop plantations to supply US markets. The US is focused on oil exploration and recovery, the one thing that is leading to higher CO2 emissions globally. This one country has failed pretty badly atat achieving sustainable green economy as required by the Kyoto protocol which is almost over. Money is not just taking frontstage, its the driving force behind ecological destruction and of nature. This brings us to earth day. There is enough on earth to supply all of mans needs but not all man's greed. capitalism is the centre of all this conveyor belt. The american dream of be all and have all cannot and will not be sustainable for everyone on this planet, only winners and losers are to be found and there's more losers than winners by a large ratio (just look at UN statistics on poverty).

Remember: think of future generations and life should be more about giving than taking.