Seeing the light

They say life is a journey, with so many unexpected turns, flowing deep like a river rapid and full of energy in its youth, meandering round every bend as it matures until it slows down taking time to explore the great plains. Imagining us as a fish in the river, it is easy to see how we get caught in the flow, trying to survive, trying to get where we want and get what we need. Others see life as a climb, where we struggle to get to the top. At the top of the mountain or at the mouth of the river into the sea, the journey ends. There are memories made that will last a lifetime to savour, and struggles that will never cease to come that we all must overcome. There are moments in life, in the journey, where we become aware of our presence in the world, where we can see past the struggle and realise how outstandingly beautiful the world around us truly is. The world changes colour, from black and white to colour, when we breathe into our soul the colourful world through our eyes.

They say light is composed of every colour of the rainbow. They also say people who see the world through rose tinted glass only focus on the beautiful things, turning a blind eye to the darkness. As sure as there is night and day, there is time for the light and the dark, time for colour and time for dull grey. The very fact of taking time to read this is taking time to ponder on what is beautiful and colourful in life. It takes that time to get out into the world to see what you want to see, in full colour. There will be struggles at times, but at every moment in life there is the ability to become present, to become aware. Then, when the light shines in our own eyes, a firework has ignited in our soul, and however dark the night, at least the light can shine through.

As the life of a fish in that river, it must make the struggle through all the dangers. The most glorious moment when we shine like the sun is when we find that moment in time, that energy or kick to become what we were born to be, when our heart beats in our chest so hard it feels so strongly for something, to reach out and make that bold move, reach for the sun, the stars, everything or anything we always dreamed of. We are all called to love, to live, to see the light, each of our own accord, in our own time, at our own pace, to be our own light for everyone to see.