As winter sets
And Summers Gone
Lets relax
Play a song
Think of times
Remember me
I think of you
A star you see
The day is short
The night is long
This is the place
Where we belong
The Time to Be
A bit more slow
The Space to Warm
and feel the Glow
Let the Fire
Into your heart
Let each Person
Play their part
Its not as much
To party wild
as much as now
For peace of mind
I want for Me
As much for All
To build a bridge
and break a wall
whatever stops
Whoever stares
Doesn't matter
When alls fair
I speak in rhyme
On a Cold dark night
With flame in heart
and glorious might
Of all I think and Feel
And make a wish for something real
A Star in Heaven waits for me
You will see how it will be.
(or maybe just a trip to mars)