What its like when all things stop

I have said before that I see two ways of going through life, either in the fast lane or the slow lane.

In the fast line, its like a train, you get to a lot of places, do a lot more, but life passes you by in bigger glimpes, as the expression goes "time flies when you're having fun". It takes a lot of energy to do so, suited more for the young while they have it. In top gear, this life drives you round all kinds of bends and has all the ups and downs of any rollercoaster. It can be extremely rewarding and successful, or can be dangerous or even lethal, especially if one cannot handle the speed or pace of life and stress that goes with it. People feed off adrenaline and fun like an addiction, and it goes without saying you need to know what you are capable of, know the risks.

In the slow lane, I see people taking more time to enjoy the smaller things in life. taking more time to relax, taking it easy, settling for less assuming less is more. Instead of the fast lane where the quantity of life experience can be staggering, the slow lane aims for quality over quantity. Less speed could mean more depth of perception. It can be the more peaceful way in life, but taking less risks in life and settling down instead would mean a less exciting and less fun life in other ways.

Either way, people go through life at their own pace, suited to their own beliefs, customs and habits. Some would like to change, some are happy exactly as it is.

What scares everyone, and I mean everyone, is if life completely stops to a halt, where nothing happens. They say life flows like a river, like a journey, well what if the river or journey came to a complete stop. What if you just decided to give up, lost interest, or just didn't feel like living the life at any pace at all. What if life decided on you to just stop, comes crumbling down, good things come to an end, your life never really kicked off to any momentum, or for whatever reason good or bad that things just aren't happening in life anymore. There is at least hope always that life will pick up, get faster, better, with a progression in upward gears. But going beyond hope, into faith, what if all there is, is a dead end after all.

It doesn't just apply to life. What if space-time itself stopped, say if a big-bang/big-crunch hypothesis were true and the universe was about to go into reverse of everything that ever happened and into previous space. What if the whole world economy stalled forever with no growth and decayed. What if animals stopped evolving. How would the world exist without any more change, growth or development. There is at least hope that the universe will last forever, that there will always be enough for an exponentially growing population, that good things will never come to an end. But going beyond hope, into faith, what if all there is, is a dead end after all.

Is it acceptable that we just slow our life pace down from the fast lane down to the slow lane, and I mean as slow as socially, mentally and physically possible, instead of trying to get faster and get more. Should we settle for less and learn to be happy with less. Can we be happy with nothing? If our oil reserves emptied in the world, could we cope? If we lived our lives like a simple animal, living on nothing but earth and our company like cavemen, would ever that be acceptable?

Why do we hope and believe that things get better, in the journey of life, searching for happiness or whatever values we aspire to? What if its all an illusion, that when life comes to a stop we merely exist, and that's it, and what if we had to accept that existential crisis is actually acceptable beyond hope and faith in something better. Is it even acceptable to deny any real meaning in life other than just to exist and be? Is it even acceptable to question the meaning in life. Is it even worth asking? Is this article even worthy?