As part of my M.Sc Bioinformatics in Dublin City University its been a really exciting year with the wide range of projects. See the links below:

B.Sc Analytical Science: What is it? Link here.

Ethical case study of Wikileaks

Effects of glycosylation, PEGylation and NAb's on IFN-beta performance

Biomolecular Analysis of an unknown primary sequence

Extraction and recovery of Penicillin from fungi broth

Dotplotter Software Development for genomic analysis (in Perl)

ANOVA of QTL mapping expression levels between environmental location and genetic marker variations

ANOVA Raw Data

RNA-Seq analysis of differentially expressed genes for the diagnosis of Chagas disease


Without giving away too much I can share the introduction to my new novel. This piece of science fiction encompasses my concept of both natural science and social philosophy.


It has also been a great time supporting Sharon Shannon on the 7th March 2011 with the DCU Trad group. Playing the Piano is one of my great prides.