Queen and Obama coming to Ireland

If you're anyway Irish you've heard Obama and the Queen of the commonwealth is coming to our humble shores. One of them is most welcome, the other is having a controversial response for obvious reasons. Remember the match in Croke Park not so long ago when God Save the Queen was played and went down like a party had just been crashed. Yet there is such a positive liking to Obama in Irish veins that goes almost unquestioned. It wouldn't be right to compare the Queen to Obama of course but its fair to say as head of state from a respectable country, both leaders should deserve the same Irish welcome if we want to hold onto our reputation of charity, warmth, welcome and sláinte that is almost forgotten. I know Gerry Adams has called it premature of the Queen to come, considering Irish history, but that's part of the healing process and Gerry Adams knows too well how times have changed with the Northern Peace Process since the Belfast Agreement and well, he's just going to have to accept it.

If anything, since both the Queen and Obama will be in Ireland around the same time, there's definetly room for some grand diplomatic gestures internationally to be declared then or a big boost to the Peace Process. Only time will tell..