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Travel; Going beyond all expectations

One of my key interests is Travel; To experience the world and people in all its diversity doesn't require the lotto winnings. There's an infinite variety of exotic and scenic places to see. I am just as happy to go for a local sunday drive through the country as I am to go hiking through the finest natural parks in the world. Locally and globally I try to experience the world, while I have the chance.


It wouldn't make sense to leave music unmentioned in my interests since it is my core. When i get my chance to play piano, I normally do. I have performed with the DCU trad group in the Helix for about 2000, and was supporting Sharon shannon. The greatest gift I have is in entertaining small groups playing medleys and starting a singalong. When I play the likes of coldplay or the ET soundtrack on piano, I play for real.


It makes my day when I've made someone else's day. I believe in paying it forward, going out of my comfort zone to make someone else's life that bit easier. Quietly enjoying people's company is a given. I enjoy listening and enabling people to be themselves openly, and try to put others before myself. I take pride in the goodness in myself but even more I am proud of the goodness around me when I see through people. Everyone deserves a chance and I do not follow judgement lightly. 11. "Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." -- Warren Buffett