Embracing Religion as an Atheist

Well I'm in an interesting position since as much as I love religion and their beliefs I actually find them almost always very illogical and unreasonable. The religious tell me that there is no meaning to life without Religion, that all is lost, that things can't be explained by nature alone. To the religious, the supernatural answers their spiritual quest. To an atheist like me, nature has to potential to answer that quest in what is the only possible solution that makes sense. The way I see it, God is the unknown mysterious and great that is added to almost every equation by the religious, and they prove their reason for believing in their faith comes from the very places they added God to the equation in the first place, meaning their proof and logic stem from the very mystery and unknown that should not have proof or logic. In what is begging the question, if a religious person starts off by saying supernatural explains the mysterious phenomenom, and then use that arguement down the line to say that's their proof that there is a supernatural domain. Building their case on one assumption and claiming it proves their assumption. But I'll stop there, because atheists do it all the time too.

For lent, I'm reembracing religion. Hence this blog. There is one thing i love more than anything else in religion, and that is values, substance. On a secular level, their notions of humanity, existence in a natural world by substinence, balance and harmony, these notions are credible and worth believing in. As much as religion is in fact gone off with a tangent when it claims Genesis is true, it still emphasises the core values and beliefs it started out with. We have commandments, morals, standards, not just as spiritual beings but as human beings. I believe the one thing that makes this world worth living in is the communal and accomodating human behaviour as a species on earth, where civilization is more than a fancy word or ideal, it is what breeds us right here and now. To be civilised is not just a manner, its a belief. My core belief in life is to breed that civilization, add to the social network of art and work, pleasure and pain to make civilization tick. I have so much to give, but as a society there's so much slack, especially given this recession. People are in fact becoming more independant and self-reliant and losing out on the communal side of both art and work. Moral of the story..? When we form opinions we tend to make our own minds up independantly and self-sufficiently, and we do so more often now than we ever did before. With the higher standard of living we are afforded, as atheists and worshippers, we are all becoming self-focused and forming our own beliefs that go off in so much tangents that we often forget that core belief beyond religion that is inherent in our human being, that is civilisation. To be civilised I have decided to reembrace religion as a partner, setting aside my own individually formed opinions and spending time to nourish that core belief of getting along with everyone in the social functions of art and work.