Music choices. To capture my beliefs and values I have some core inspirational songs, that drive me forward with meaning in life. To begin with, listen to U2's One as you read. "I believe we are one, but we're not the same. We get to carry each other. Love is a temple. Love the higher law." This overrides all self-pride and religion, overrides everything. Love conquers all, unites all. Not teenage puppy love, more like the love that brings people together beyond differences and difficulties. For what is love if you can't love someone you're not used to or can't make the effort. One love, one blood, one life you've gotta do what you should. One life with each other, sisters, brothers. Life. Challenge yourself or you'll never learn.

To meet that challenge is difficult. We can stay in our comfort zones in ignorance of people that challenge us. The first step to stepping into other people's lives is to admit humility and look to our own inner selves and see and accept who we are with barriers. What is it that makes it so challenging to be love a difficult person. We have the spirit as human beings to relate to any other human being, no matter who. Alannis Morissette has plenty of songs that hit this subject, including Everything. Before we can love everyone else we have to accept self-love and acknoledge our human weaknesses. That leads to genuine character development, conquering insecurities associated with difficult emotional and personal challenges. We must all fall at some point, but climb much higher than we ever could on a superficial level.

Once I know who I am and accept me for everything that I am, including the greatest, I then set my goal. R.Kelly, as cheesy as he may be, has a great song here. When you play it you'll see. Once you're free of your barriers, you are unbounded to be as great and successful as a human being with no worldly goals needed, just being the best that you can be. You don't have to save the world, you just have to believe in yourself and the strength that is truly genuine should be enough to warm up to any human being, no matter how cold or difficult the person is. Of course most people already grow up believing in themselves and have a genuine strength that shines to people. However, have these same people really been challenged with a difficult challenge or difficult person, for it will happen to most people at some point and the main cause of depression in this world is people not knowing how to deal with these situations, and in fact 1 in four people will experience depression at some point in their life, so don't be surprised when this belief of strength will be tested.

When something comes along that brings you right down, the best you can do is deal with it and stand your ground. Linkin Park sets a good standard in what rock is all about. A good ol' douse of testosterone to build that fight response. Now as much as I don't like live Black eyes peas, especially Fergie, their song is still inspiring. Don't be nieve or too busy to the world around you that is facing difficult times. Do what you can to help out. There's too many assholes in this world who ruin the peace and harmony of a functional society aka civilisation. People who are so insecure and so wrapped up in their own selfishness that they don't care about respect to the point where they're walking emotional and physical bulldozers. Now that we know we are as good as we are, how do we deal with these people. Simple Give your best, and if that's not good enough, Walk On. "What you got they can't steal it. You will only fly for freedom. Walk on. they can't deny it, buy or or sell it. I know it aches and your heart breaks, it can only take so much. Walk on."